Name: Jada Bialik
Age: 10
Dance Studio: David Demarie Dance Studio, New York
Why Jada wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

I’m interested in becoming a voice for children fighting cancer because my family knows how devastating cancer can be. I was born shortly after my family lost my first cousin Priscilla to Glioblastoma Multiform. She was only 14. She was so healthy and active. I hear stories about her all the time,and wish she so badly she was alive. My family did everything they could to try to get her healthy, but she died just 6 months after she was diagnosed.? I know that it rips a family’s heart out to see a child suffer from cancer. I can’t even imagine how it feels to a child. I pray that someday soon a cure for cancer is found. I’d love to do my part to help. This is a great way, especially because it involves dance which Priscilla loved to do as much as me . ? A blue butterfly is one of the symbols that we see that lets us know she’s smiling down?