Thank you for your support!  100% of proceeds will go directly to childhood cancer research. In compliance with IRS Rules & Regulations, all donations to The Truth 365 are tax-deductible. IRS Tax ID# 27-0811733.

Because the purpose of this project is to benefit all children with all types of cancer, we have partnered with the nation’s top pediatric oncologists who represent all types of childhood cancer.  Research grant applications will be reviewed and scored by members of our Medical Advisory Board through Proposal Central, ensuring the most effective use of these research dollars by funding only the best science.  According to Dr. Maris, “Funds will be applied where the investment is expected to provide the greatest immediate impact in saving children’s lives. Also, funds will be applied to any childhood cancer where a major opportunity exists to impact survival rates, focused on not only improving cure, but the quality of life for all children with cancer during and after treatment.”

Below is a letter from the team explaining their commitment to finding a cure for all childhood cancers.

As childhood cancer doctors and researchers, we are very concerned about the pace of progress in finding new cures. It is quite striking that there has never been a more optimistic time in terms of new discoveries into the causes of cancer in children and why some can be cured, while others currently cannot—but also never a more frustrating time in terms of finding the resources necessary to translate these discoveries into new treatments. Monies raised through the Truth 365 will exclusively be used in a collaborative fashion by leading childhood cancer researchers towards the goal of devising more effective and much less toxic ways to cure all children and adolescents with cancer.

John M. Maris, MD

Peter C. Adamson, MD

Scott Armstrong, MD

Nai-Kong V. Cheung, MD

Jeffrey S. Dome, MD

Amar Gajjar, MD

Doug Hawkins, MD

Kim Kramer, MD

Shakeel Modak, MD


(Note: While several dozen charities are actively involved with The Truth 365, the primary sponsor is the Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation (AWOCCF), a registered §501(c)(3) public charity.  In compliance with IRS Rules and Regulations, all donations through The Truth 365 are tax-deductible and are collected in a separate AWOCCF account. IRS Tax ID # 27-0811733.)