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Join the fight against childhood cancer by becoming an official Dance Hope Cure Studio! Simply fill out the form and one of our volunteers will be in touch with you to discuss the many opportunities your studio can have to make a difference for children with cancer.

Each official studio will join forces with Dance Hope Cure’s parent foundation, Arms Wide Open Childhood Cancer Foundation, to help eliminate childhood cancer. The studios will host events/activities throughout the year in order to bring awareness and pledge to raise a minimum of $1,000 in donations.

Dance Hope Cure Studios are recognized by a custom plaque, social media shout outs and recognition at our many special events.

Some fun awareness and fundraising ideas that some studios have hosted in the past include:

  • Benefit concerts – performance by the company’s dancers to raise awareness for the foundation; proceeds go towards the foundation
  • Dance marathons – Sponsored dancers perform for a certain amount of time to raise money for the foundation
  • Photo shoot fundraisers – Studio members host a photoshoot; proceeds go to the foundation
  • Dance Hope Cure T-shirt sales – Studios create T-shirts to be sold during events
  • Concession sale donations – Studios sell food and drinks during events
  • Turn-a-thons – Sponsored dancers turn as much as they can to raise money for the foundation
  • Dance basket raffle – Studio members donate items that are grouped into themed baskets, that are sold in a raffle
  • Adopt a childhood cancer fighter from your community – Sponsored children get recognized at events
  • Master class donations – A professional dance teacher teaches a class for charity
  • Sell advertisements in programs – Studios look for local businesses to donate money for the foundation
  • Candygrams – At events, locals can buy candygrams to give to their friends/families
  • Flower sales – Studios sell flowers at events to raise more money
  • Car washes – Volunteers wash cars; all proceeds go to charity
  • Local restaurant nights – Restaurants sponsor studios; part of the proceeds go to the foundation
  • Hair/makeup classes – Studio staff teach hair and make up classes; cost goes to the foundation
  • Mini/summer camps for kids – Studio staff host a summer camp for locals; activities vary
  • Host children’s birthday parties – Studio staff host birthday parties at the studio; activities vary
  • Fundraising bracelets – Studio members sell bracelets at the events
  • Selling decorated old pointe shoes – Studio members sell old point shoes, decorated by the dancers at the events
  • Silent-themed Auction – Enlist help from local restaurants to create an all dining theme; getting gift cards from local eateries
  • Holiday Catalog Fundraisers – Students go around their community and sell catalog items

Become an Official Dance Hope Cure Studio!

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