Name: Maya Oberstein
Age: 15
Dance Studio: , Connecticut
Why Maya wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

As a child who has had cancer, I know that nobody understands what it is like to have childhood cancer as well as a child affected by it does. That is why it is important for us children to speak up and spread awareness. As kids we do not often get a voice, which is why I would like this opportunity to be a voice for children fighting cancer. After so many people supported me through my fight against osteosarcoma, I would like to help support others in their fights. I would like to spread awareness that childhood cancer is not rare but a major issue. I would like to fight for funding towards research for childhood cancer. And most of all, I would like to inspire others to never give up just like Gabi Shull did for me. I would like to spread the message to kids fighting cancer that if they believe in their selves they can do anything.