Name: Macee Wilson
Age: 15
Dance Studio: Aspen High School, Colorado
Why Macee wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

Cancer has been a large factor in my life since I was 5, which is when I lost my cousin. And a couple years later I had two more cousins diagnosed with cancer, and I lost my grandma to brain cancer when I was 8. One of my cousins passed two years ago, Delaney Clements. She has introduced me in to the life of cheerleading and dance, and I haven’t stopped since that day. Dance is a reminder of her and what she stood for, and what all children fighting cancer stand for, FINDING A CURE. I have worked hard to have my voice heard by working alongside the Make a Wish Foundation, The Truth 365, and the Shining Stars Foundation to support the warriors along their journeys and bring a voice that stands behind them. I would love to have my voice heard with Dance Hope Cure.