Name: Lexi Cain
Dance Studio: Seminole Dance Company, Oklahoma
Why Lexi is a voice for children fighting cancer:

Throughout my dance career, I have seen a lot of different organizations doing fundraisers for childhood cancer research. I have always thought that raising awareness for different causes is really important. This cause is one close to my heart. One of my mom’s former students was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. It went away for a while and she was doing well. Then we found out a couple weeks ago that her cancer is back and it is spreading. This little girl deserves none of what she is going through. I am a voice for kids fighting cancer because some kids can’t be a voice for themselves. I think doing any little thing we can for kids fighting cancer makes a real and lasting difference in their lives. These kids need to know that they have people there every step of the way. Educating people about these causes might make them want to help. Childhood cancer is here with us, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. I want to help end childhood cancer one step at a time.