Name: Kinley Bertrand
Age: 10
Dance Studio: Masters Upper Level, Texas
Why Kinley wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

Because I love to dance. Dance is in my blood. I also want to help kids with cancer, since my grandpa passed away from cancer years ago. He would have liked me to use my love of dance to help others, especially kids. I think the cool pictures Dance Hope Cure takes will get people to stop and look, and then realize we are doing this to help kids with cancer and maybe they will want to help too. I feel very blessed that I have a way to help others that are fighting cancer. One of my favorite things my family has done is adopting a family at Christmas time that has a child with cancer. Taking the gifts to them made me feel so happy to see their faces. I love helping others. I will use my place as an ambassador to help spread the word so people will donate to childhood cancers.