Name: Kayla Do
Age: 11
Dance Studio: Artist In Motion, New Jersey
Why Kayla wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

I can help show them how to follow their dreams by showing my passion of dance. Cancer has affected many people, and it has made a big impact to their lives. I’m willing to use my gift of dance to help the awareness of childhood cancer. If we were all support for the fight against cancer, we can make a big difference. I would like to be part of that community. No one should ever fight cancer alone. I want to use my voice to help other voices become louder. I can help them follow their dreams and goals. It is very important for people to raise awareness so scientists could gain more funds to find a cure for good. All people with cancer are so brave to be battling such a disease. I would like to help them and use my love for dance to do exactly that.