Name: Karah Ainsley Courtney
Age: 12
Dance Studio: Break the Floor, Mississippi
Why Karah Ainsley wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

My personal motto is “be the light”. I believe that there is too much darkness in the world and we have to shine brightly to fight out the darkness. One of my best dancer friends, Lexie battled childhood cancer. It was a terrible time for her, but she fought the battle and won! Cancer is an awful, shocking, and horrible illness, and I would like to promote awareness, fundraising, and help in finding a cure. I think it is important, as an influential person, that I serve those who may not be able to have a voice of their own. Lastly, God is my number one, and it is always my desire to bring Glory to Him in whatever I do. This is a just and righteous cause, and I feel I can serve it well as a dancer with voice.