Name: Grace Fields
Age: 15
Dance Studio: Naples Dance Conservatory, Florida
Why Grace wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

Hello, my name is Grace Fields and I am really interested in representing Dance Hope Cure. I have a disease called hemophagocytic-lymphohistiocytosis. It’s an immune deficiency disorder so I have a very low immune system causing me to get sick all of the time. When I was younger I received chemotherapy to help treat my condition since it is similar to cancer. I also had a bone marrow transplant which saved my life and I am now about 70%of my donor. Unfortunately my twin sister had the same condition but it was worse. She passed away just around the age of two. I would love to represent @dancehopecure to help children with cancer and illnesses because I can truly relate to their struggles. You guys have such an amazing organization and I hope that I could possibly represent you someday! Thank you for reading about my story.