Name: Arianna Pazmiño
Age: 15
Dance Studio: Pam Danza Teatro, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Why Arianna wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

I want to inform and help spread awareness through the power of social media and the amazing form of art, dance. I would also like to give support and inspire patients and their stories. I believe that youth can help connect with other people and make a difference by using my voice within the people that surround me, especially since I live in another country It will be beneficial for me not to spread the information here but motivate other dancers to join me to. I believe that also through dance I will be able to explain so much more what Dance Hope Cure foundation does and what children are fighting for.  It will mean that my dancing can help in so many ways that in the first place I could even imagine and I bet most people are in the same position.