Name: Abbie Greene
Age: 13
Dance Studio: Dance Unlimited, Colorado
Why Abbie wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

Ever since I started competitive dance there has always been some sort of campaigns for dancers fighting for cancer. As I started to get into dance competitions and or conventions (especially Velocity) and Dance Hope Cure had stood out to me the most. Childhood cancer is and always will be very important and I want to help in whatever way I can. To be an ambassador for this would be amazing because I can help childhood cancer while pursuing my dream which is dance. I wanted to join this program because being an MVA at Velocity, we had a special meeting dedicated to Dance Hope Cure, this meeting really changed the way I looked at this program and it showed me how much I can help in something so important. I have ideas that I can share to help spread the word on childhood cancer and being an ambassador for this program would help me share them even more. I am so excited to possibly be apart of this program and I can’t wait to help support something that I would love to be apart of.