Name: Unity4: Ava, Kenna, Sydney, Didi
Age: 10
Dance Studio: Element Dance Studio, OR – Oregon
Why Unity4 wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

We started dancing together about 4 years ago, and from there a beautiful friendship began to grow. We realized how lucky we are to have this bond and talent, and we wanted to do something special with it. We started Unity4 to spread a positive message to children around the world. Our goal is to be positive role models and to show other kids that with love and friendship anything can be achieved. We hope to spread the word of love and acceptance and remind the world that no matter who you are, or where you are from….we are ‘more alike than different’. We are each of a different ethnicity and look different on the outside, but inside we are all the same…..we are all ‘United’ in this life. We hope to spread the message that we are all the same and to support each other. We are not sure what the future holds for Unity4, but we hope to continue our mission spreading love and acceptance to children through our friendship and love of dance. Our dream is to be positive role models and when we get older know that we were able to inspire other kids. To be able to hear someone say ‘because of you I knew I could….’ is our ultimate goal!
Our IG accounts are for our group: unity4official and our separate accounts:
Ava: avalynn_5