Name: Tess Courts
Dance Studio: Cary Dance Productions, North Carolina
Why Tess isĀ  a voice for children fighting cancer:

Childhood cancer is a topic so commonly blown over and is never given the necessary support or recognition it deserves and requires. I am passionate about bringing my community into this discussion because I feel that it is so important to give these children a sense of support and love that can give them hope to get through their challenging times. Dance is an escape that allows a human being to forget all of their troubles and just be their true self. Bringing the joys of dance into a childhood cancer patient would not only lift their spirits, but give them an oasis they can go to whenever they want. This is why I want to be an advocate for childhood cancer and why I want to involve dance in it as well. These are two of my biggest passions and I am so grateful to be an ambassador and make a difference in so many lives through dance.