Name: Teela Biehn
Age: 12
Dance Studio: Maui Academy of Preforming Arts, Hawaii
Why Teela wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

My first experience with childhood cancer was when I met Trucker Duke. He was a 19 month old boy who had neuroelastoma. He died at 3 years old, and I can say with no doubt that myself as well as the rest of Maui was absolutely devastated. Later, when the doctors said that I might have leukemia I went into the same shock I went into when Trucker passed. It’s a feeling that you can’t explain. It’s fear in a new form. Worse than a roller coaster or a haunted house. It’s so scary you don’t even think it’s real. Later, the doctors said that it wasn’t leukemia and the huge breath I was holding in my lungs was released. I want to be a voice for children fighting cancer because it is such a big problem in our world today. We need strong dancers to show our support.