Name: Steviesue A Reidenbach
Age: 19
Dance Studio: Pulse Dance Studio, Pennsylvania
Why Steviesue A wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

I want to be a voice to help fight childhood cancer because of how much it can hurt a person and their family. I have had some people in my family overcome cancer and have witnessed them going through chemo therapy, hair loss and much more. It is very sad to see a child go through such a terrible thing like cancer.

One of my good friends from my dance studio, Lily Lutz is so brave! She fights through all of her cancer struggles. I look out for Lily and her family and have such strong concern for all of the children that are fighting against this awful disease. I really have a heart for these kids and I care deeply

Stay Strong ~ Lily and other children! You’ve got this! I believe in all of you!