Name: Sophie Hargreaves
Age: 15
Dance Studio: Kootenay DanceWorks, British Columbia
Why Sophie wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

Each year, on average 880 children under the age of 15 are diagnosed with cancer and 150 dies from the disease. It is a grim disease and I have lost many relatives and family friends to it.

People that go through cancer are fighters. They have to be. Knowing that children around the world are fighting for their lives leaves me heartbroken. To help children through these hard times, I want to let them know that they have my support and many others. I never want any child to feel alone!

If I could go to every hospital and dance for every child with cancer, I would. But, I know the only way to help many children is to become an ambassador for Dance Hope Cure. I want to spread my passion for dancing, so I can encourage cancer patients to keep fighting. No child should go through this alone.