Name: Sara Wren Wiley

Dance Studio: Apples dance Lab, PA
Why Sara Wren is a voice for children fighting cancer:

My life in the past few years has been impacted in many ways by cancer. First, a couple of years ago I lost my grandpa to cancer. Not only was this hard on me, but even more for me to watch my Mom suffer over the loss of her Dad and the hurt it brought her. Then, my sister’s best friend’s Mom was diagnosed and is now in her third round of fighting and finally, our horseback riding community has rallied around a family who has not one, but TWO children battling childhood cancer at the same time (On Facebook – Team Tenley and Team Adley—Ward Warriors)

I am a member of the UPHA Ribbons of Service program and have raised $2000 for St Judes Children’s hospital and donated 100 community service hours for this program already in 2021. I did this by making and selling T-Shirts, Key Chains, baskets, clean-up projects, and more.

I love bringing this work together with my passion for dance. Dance clears my mind and fills my soul. I wish I could give that feeling of hope and happiness to children suffering and fighting.