Name: Samantha Jackson
Age: 13
Dance Studio: Elizabeth’s Dance Dimensions, Washington
Why Samantha wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

I want to be a voice for children with cancer because it breaks my heart hearing about people at such a young age and not getting to experience a normal childhood life or even sadly get it taken away from them. When I dance I feel free when I’m on stage or doing a routine in class or just dancing to myself. When I dance that’s when I can let all of my emotions out, to give my worries away, and just being happy being able to do the passion/hobby I love to do most. So when I get to experience new things in dance or push myself, I think of how lucky I am to have this privilege because some kids can’t and I want to dance for them. As a great example, my studio has a performance every year called DFAC known as Dance for a Cure and the past 3 years it has been held at the Paramount in Seattle and it’s such an amazing experience and when I was up there I felt so happy, grateful, and just felt good knowing I was dancing for a good cause. All the money coming from the people who buy tickets actually go to the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center so it’s such a great event. This is why I want to have a voice in children fighting with cancer because it creates such a strong and empowering feeling when I help and I being a strong voice for the cause.