Name: Priscilla Pope
Age: 16
Dance Studio: The Colburn School, California
Why Priscilla wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

I would be absolutely honored to be a loud, proud voice for children fighting cancer. My entire life, I have supported this incredible cause every opportunity I could. To be a voice for the children who are struggling through this tragic disease is something I aspire to do every day, because I believe together, we can do something to help those in need: in need of a cure, in need of hope, in need of love. Together, we can find a way to get rid of the sickness that takes the lives of children every day. It would truly mean the world and more to be able to support a cause so close to my heart, and be able to raise money for the possibility of finding a cure. Bringing everyone together through dance and sharing my passion for ballet is one of my many life goals, as well as being able to have a voice for children fighting cancer. So to be able to do both is something I truly want to be a part of. I strongly believe in this organization and would be honored to be a voice for the many children fighting sickness in this world.