Name: Olivia Aya-ay
Age: 11
Dance Studio: Centerstage Dance Academy, Florida
Why Olivia wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

My name is Olivia Viviana Aya-ay and I am an 11-year-old competitive dancer. I heard about Dance Hope Cure on Instagram and would like to help support and be a voice for the children who are fighting cancer. I cannot imagine how hard it is for a child to get sick with cancer and have to have surgery and chemotherapy. It has to be such a tough thing to experience and I am sure that they feel very lonely going through the treatment. I would like them to know that the world does care and we want to help them and support them on their journey no matter how tough it is.
This is important to me because I lost my Lolo (grandpa) and my Granny (great grandma) to cancer. My mom is a surgeon and takes care of a lot of cancer patients. I raise money and walk every year in the Relay for Life but I want to find more ways to do my part.