Name: Natalie de la Rosa
Age: 7
Dance Studio: Rhythmic Academy of Los Angeles, CA
Why Natalie wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

I’d like Natalie to be a voice for children fighting cancer. At a young age she saw my co-worker lose her battle …. but most importantly saw her put her best foot forward through some difficult times. Regardless of her struggle, she made her way to the porch of her home to watch my kids (Natalie) at play dancing and cartwheeling. She told me to let the kids dance, let the kids be free, let the kids be kids. This changed Natalie’s life forever —- To dance comes deep from within you it is unstoppable regardless of the physical limitations presented by your body. It is a representation of the depths of your soul. Children fighting cancer have a hard but their spirt of movement is always in motion and is unstoppable, fearless and powerful regardless of cancer because every dancer is a fighter within