Name: Mia Dougherty
Age: 11
Dance Studio: Jersey Cape Dance and Gymnastics, NJ
Why Mia wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

I believe children fighting this disease need all the support they can get to let them know they are not alone and I can be by their side to help them maybe put a smile on there face. Though, I never knew anyone young with cancer I lost my Popper last year. He was one of my best friends. He supported my dance and came to all my recitals and pageants and was so proud of me. He was the heart of the family, also quite the jokester. I sat with him until the end which seemed to happen way too quick. He sends me butterflies now. I know I can make a difference, I want to help and do whatever I can to ease the pain and spread awareness for all children fighting this disease. I want to be a voice and help them know they are stronger then they think and they can get through this with me by there side.