Name: Madeline Anderson
Age: 9
Dance Studio: Westchester Dance Academy, NY
Why Madeline wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

My love of dance first started at Studio Blue and Dancesensations in VA. The passion those studios had to help support the end of childhood cancer was something I quickly became passionate about. From the all night dance-a-thons that helped raise money, participation in the Childhood Cancer Rally in D.C., to the relationships our dancers had with other dancers/children with cancer makes me want to be involved. It brought so much happiness and love to all involved. I hope to bring these traditions and support of Dance Hope Cure to my studio in New York. Everyone has had cancer somehow affect them in some way, including myself. This disease needs people to stand up and fight for a cure, especially childhood cancer. There is something so special about the bonds of children, regardless of differences and illness we will always support each other. I hope to bring love, spread awareness, and hope as an ambassador.