Name: Livia Elswick
Age: 11
Dance Studio: C&C Dance Company, Maryland
Why Livia wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

I would like to be a voice for children fighting cancer because ever since I was little I wanted to help others one day but, I mostly wanted to help prevent childhood cancer. I think I have always felt this way because back when I was in kindergarten, this girl who was supposed to be in first grade came to my grade because she missed her kindergarten year because of cancer. Most kids asked her “why are you in our grade?” “Why is your hair cut like a boy?” “Why haven’t you been here for a month?” Cancer was why all of this was happening to her. I felt so bad for her and asked if there was any way I could help. She said “no, just be my friend.” But, now I can help! She is now one of my best friends! This is one way I can help! My mom and I help kids with cancer through Saint Jude but I thought Dance. Hope. Cure. would be a more personal way for me to help others.