Name: Leslie Speller
Age: 13
Dance Studio: Washington Wizards Wiz Kid, Maryland
Why Leslie wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

I look at my life, and how I have the ability to do anything that I set my mind to without any limitations, and I know that I am lucky. I also know for every girl or boy out there like me, there is someone my age battling cancer. Their lives, as well as their family member’s lives, have been changed forever. Their new normal is anything but normal. I personally can’t imagine what that may feel like, and can only imagine the range of feelings that they go through. I want to be an advocate, to not only raise awareness to my generation of young people, but to also give hope to those who are fighting this battle every day. To give a voice to someone who needs it inspires hope within, and helps give that person strength. At our age, strength is not always something easy to maintain, and that’s just the normal part of growing up without having a sickness added to it. I feel like, if I can offer a glimmer of hope, and work to give someone my age a voice, I am doing my part to make the world more comfortable for someone else.