Name: Kylie Rapp
Age: 15
Dance Studio: ArtspireVa, Virginia
Why Kylie wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

Dancing has always been a part of my identity. It is my escape when times are tough and it is a catalyst for all things that bring joy into my life. I express my feelings and emotions through dance when they are too much for words. In the past couple of years I have discovered that my dancing can also bring joy and hope to others. For three years now I have been working with ArtspireVa, a nonprofit organization that brings the arts to the less fortunate. I have performed at events for charity that raise money for things like sending kids to art camps, and at events to raise awareness on issues of our world. These dances have meant so much to me and brought meaning into my life. This experience has also given me a new perspective on how I can help people, so that is what I want to do with dancers vs. cancer. If I can help bring joy and help to others through dance, then nothing would make me happier.