Name: Kenzie Krommes
Age: 14
Dance Studio: Allegro Dance & Limelight Dance Studio, Pennsylvania
Why Kenzie wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

As someone who has a family member with cancer and someone in my family who has had cancer, I honestly just hear how hard some of this stuff is. Even though my parents try and avoid talking about it near me, I still am aware of how serious the issue is. I feel like everyone should be aware of what lots of children and adults have to go through being diagnosed with cancer or really any life threatening diseases. We also have a 5th grade girl who is currently fighting cancer at my school, and we watched a video about her story, which was absolutely crazy and sad. I feel like everyone should be able to learn about things like this because you never know when it can hit close to home. If I were a voice for childhood cancer, I would post lots of awareness post on both my Instagram feed and stories, so more people can learn about cancer and its effects.