Name: Katie and Rachel Boyce
Age: 16 & 12
Dance Studio: Gainesville Dance Center, Virginia
Why Katie and Rachel wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

We are a united voice for Cancer Awareness. We have had Melanoma in our family and we hope to make others aware. Our Nana, Susan Peluso, was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma. She was a career nurse and retired Army Colonel who dedicated her life to helping others. We helped our mom care for Nana here with us until her passing. Our mom and aunt have had skin cancers, to include Melanoma, which luckily was caught early and surgically removed, but it doesn’t just discriminate against adults…we have children and teens who die from Melanoma every single day. Doctors and researchers are still trying to understand how to treat this increasingly aggressive form of Cancer. Even surface Skin Cancer must be taken seriously. As dancers, we know the importance of taking care of our bodies and that includes annual skin care exams and monthly skin and mole checks. We hope to help spread the word. Fighting and dancing for a cure.