Name: Kaelyn Mullins
Age: 9
Dance Studio: C&C Dance Company, Maryland
Why Kaelyn wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

I want to become a DHC ambassador because I want to be a voice for children fighting cancer and their families. I want to raise awareness and funds for financial support and for cancer research . I feel like I can relate to the siblings of children fighting cancer. Although my brother does not have cancer he has complex medical issues that he battles daily. He is in and out of the doctors and rushed to the hospital often. It is scary to be a sibling and not know what is going on or what might happen next. I have witnessed the stress and burdens that this puts on families as I recently lost my Pop-Pop to lung cancer and my Pa-Pa is battling stage 4 lung and bone cancer. No family should fight this demon alone. I would love to become an ambassador for such an amazing organization and help make a difference.