Name: Jaxx R
Age: 12
Dance Studio: Nimbus Dance Works, New Jersey
Why Jaxx wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

I want to be a voice for children fighting with cancer, because I was given the chance/option to live life without an illness and some kids my age weren’t. It’s not fair that children must suffer, and potentially die all because of the need for money. As money is the only thing that hospitals and doctors need to operate a surgery, but what if you don’t have the money. Is the child that doesn’t have the money any less important, and any less worth of living. No is the answer and the child never will be, so if the only way to cure people who didn’t get a choice is by raising awareness and gathering money, then I want to be apart of the help to raise it. I want to advocate for those who can’t because their on a hospital bed, because their lives are valuable, and even if the surgery’s don’t succeed, or the cancer gets worse.I also like want to be a person that gives them hope, that life isn’t always cruel, and that they are worth fighting for. Because is a world that can be so full of hate at times, a little bit of hope and kindness can change and even save a life.