Name: Jasmine Giulia Franceschini
Age: 16
Dance Studio: Dancenter/Centro Danza Maura Paparo, Italy
Why Jasmine Giulia wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

I want to be a voice for children fighting cancer because every day I see young people like me or even younger than me who are forced to leave all their dreams because of this monster called cancer. I would like to be part of this magnificent project to make all of the suffering children understand that they are not alone and that together we will be able to defeat the disease. I wanna be a voice, in the little ways I can, to spread love and help people as much as I can!
I think that doing it through dance is the most beautiful thing in my eyes because I’m a dancer. When I dance, I try to express what I feel and try to send positive messages to others. It’s why I love dancing.