Name: Jacqueline Piles
Age: 9
Dance Studio: Robin Dawn Academy, Florida
Why Jacqueline wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

I would love to be a voice for children fighting cancer because I firsthand know what it is like to have someone close to you put up a great fight! My friend’s mom is battling cancer and my family and I have been there to lift them up every step of the way. I pray for them, I help my friend stay busy, and I support them. I love lifting others up through my faith and through serving them. I can be a voice of support, I can play with children needing to clear their mind, I can inspire them to dance, and I can bring a little bit of joy into their lives when they are going through a hard time. If I can bring awareness to such a terrible disease and help in a small way, then it was all worth it. My heart is in this 100 percent and I would be honored to represent those children through my passion and love for dance!