Name: Icesiis Magana
Age: 12
Dance Studio: Centrestage Dance Studio, AZ
Why Icesiis wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

During the 2017 MVA audition, I was approached and asked to become an ambassador for this program. I was very honored and would love to be! The whole MVA experience, along with this program, has really opened my eyes to the bigger picture. There are so many children suffering in so many ways when most of us dancers are vying for a win or crying over a loss, when we should just be thankful that we are able to dance and be alive. I have lost several family members to this terrible illness; my grandmother two weeks before I went to the MVA finals. It was tough to see and hear from all the kids that were battling the same disease when I had just experienced the end result. I was very saddened but at the same time the joy in their eyes when speaking to me brought me so much joy, as if my grandmother was speaking to me through them.