Name: Gretta Briceno
Age: 14
Dance Studio: YYC dance project, Calgary, Alberta (Canada)
Why Gretta wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

No body should ever have to go through cancer, let alone a child. Cancer is taking away too many people’s lives and a cure needs to be found sooner than later. I would be honoured to be the voice of these strong fighting children here in Canada because I believe that everyone should be aware of how amazing they are for surpassing this disease. Children supported by dance hope cure are just as amazing as the cause itself. They are loving, strengthful, and beautiful public figures that I and everyone else should learn to support and believe in them. Sharing my love for dance while sharing my hope for a cure is a wish come true! I would absolutely love to be the voice for these child fighters because each and every one of them deserve to be happy and heard.