Name: Grace Szymanski
Age: 13
Dance Studio: Central Midwest Ballet, WI
Why Grace wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

Hi, my name is Grace Szymanski. I’m an aspiring ballerina. I have been dancing since I was 3. This past September, one of my dance teachers passed away from Cancer. This was very difficult for me. She motivated me in such a kind, caring, positive way. Her passion was dance and that poured out into her love for each one of her students. I would be honored to carry on her loving message and passion for dance by becoming a voice against childhood cancer with Dance Hope Cure. At age 4, I was diagnosed with kidney disease. My appointments are in the same specialty clinic as those with childhood cancer. These are children who just want to be kids and they are going through so much. They shouldn’t be suffering. I’m so glad that I found Dance Hope Cure because I want to be a voice. I want to help support and spread the message of hope, love and awareness. Dance has helped me through hard times to express myself with movement in a way that sometimes is hard to do with words. That movement releases a joy that’s hard to explain. I would love to join you by helping spread joy, hope and love.