Name: Grace Anderson
Age: 15
Dance Studio: Lambert Dance Company, Georgia
Why Grace wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

My childhood friend, Priscilla (i called her CiCi) had cancer when we where growing up and sadly passed away when we where 11. We both danced, and when she became too sick to dance, I danced with even more passion than before because I felt I would keep her memory alive this way. If I were a Dance Hope Cure Ambassador, it would make me feel like I am finally making a difference in the community around me, and that I can help spread inspiration to all children going through these terrifying times. Even if i could only change one struggling child’s life, that would be enough for me because I would know that if I cant change the whole world, at least I can change theirs. This is why I believe I would be the strongest canidate to become an ambassador and raise awareness for these kids, one step at a time!