Name: Claire Lineberry
Age: 8
Dance Studio: Dance Works, VA
Why Claire wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

Claire has a huge, empathetic heart. When she received a check for winning first place at the State (VA) level for for dance choreography for the Reflections Art Contest, she didn’t ask for anything for herself, she asked to donate it to childhood cancer research. She keeps three jars for save, spend and donate and donate always has the most in it. She’s seen first-hand what cancer can do, and it’s definitely become her chosen cause. She has supported family members at their bedside and handled it just like I would imagine an angel would – with grace, strength and love.

She wants to use her gift of dance for a greater good, and she would whole-heartedly embrace and appreciate this opportunity to help others. When we spoke with her about it she said it would be a “dream come true.” We hope you will consider her for this amazing opportunity, and we thank you for bringing awareness to a very important cause. We’d be happy to send more photos or information along, if needed.