Name: Campbell Sullivan
Dance Studio: Celtic Steps (can no longer dance due to cancer), Colorado
Why Campbell wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

My name is Campbell Sullivan and I was diagnosed with stage four CIC-DUX4 sarcoma, which is an extremely rare subtype of Ewing’s sarcoma in September of 2017. I have endured 14 rounds of traditional Ewing’s Sarcoma protocol, a relapse protocol of 6 rounds of chemo and a stem cell transplant. Unfortunately I relapsed again in November of 2019. I am currently on my 6th round of chemo and have completed 101 rounds of radiation to my lungs and left calf. I underwent a 7-hour surgery to remove my tumor from my calf, also removing my soleus muscle. This means that I can no longer go on my toes without help. I am happy to report that my most recent scan showed my most recent lung nodules are shrinking.

Before cancer, I was a competitive Irish dancer for 13 years. I competed in team events, including the eight-hand and 16-person figures, along with solo competitions all over North America on national levels. I retired in 2015 when I moved away from my studio and couldn’t commute for classes.

I want to become an ambassador for Dance Hope Cure because I know from personal experience what childhood cancer can do to a person. I want to advocate for more funding and awareness so we can find a cure for this horrible disease. Childhood cancer deserves more than 4% of funding from the federal government, and I am determined to use my story to raise awareness and funds. Treatments for sarcomas haven’t changed in 30 years. There is no relapse protocol for Ewing’s sarcoma, which means my doctors have to search for days to find me new treatment options.

I discovered Dance Hope Cure through Lily Weaver and Ariella Stein. They are my inspirations. They raised awareness and attended CureFest for years all while battling Ewing’s Sarcoma. I want to do anything I can to honor them and continue their fight.