Name: Bella Ameiorsano
Age: 16
Dance Studio: Jaqueline Rivera’s Dance Couture, New York
Why Bella wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

I want to be a voice because cancer has really affected my life because I sadly lost my grandma to cancer not long ago. Before that I was never really affected by cancer at all. When it took my grandma’s life it really opened my eyes that cancer destroys families. It destroys happiness and it has taken so much from me because it took the life of my grandma. That really opened my eyes and then I discovered one of my baby cousins was diagnosed with a childhood cancer. To even think of him having to go through the things that my grandma did and especially at such a young age is so sad that its frustrating. I want to help raise awareness because no child or person deserves to have to go through something like that.