Name: Avery Alvarado
Dance Studio: Masters Upper Level, Texas
Why Avery is a voice for children fighting cancer:

I have grown up in a family, where cancer is more common than not. I’ve watched my family members fight long and difficult battles with some losses but many wins along the way. I understand how hard it is to go through the process or be a support for someone going through it. I’ve worked with Alex’s Lemonade Stand in the past and raising money for them was something I enjoyed. Getting to advocate and tell their story to people who would normally not hear it, made me feel fulfilled and like I was helping the children more. I am a voice for children all around the world fighting cancer, so they know they aren’t alone and for the unaffected to realize how difficult it is and just how many people are going through it. I want to bring light into the children’s lives anyway that I can.