Name: Audrey Eremin
Age: 16
Dance Studio: New York PAC, New York
Why Audrey wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

I found out about “Dance Hope Cure” on social media and immediately fell in love with the concept and purpose. Throughout my 14 years of dancing, I have gradually transformed into a sentimental performer in which I dedicate every piece of movement to a specific theme or realistic story. Dancing to fight against such a cruel disease that infects millions of innocent citizens will help to not only push me to continue this career that I deeply love, but inspire me as I try to express the way I feel for those who’ve been affected. I dance to reach out and tell a story through my body that reflects the way life plays itself out. Having the opportunity to do this for such an evil illness makes me very proud of what I’ve been devoting my time to for all these years. I am beyond grateful to be dancing for a renowned cause that deserves a solution.