Name: Audrey Bús
Age: 15
Dance Studio: Relevé Dance Center, Hungary
Why Audrey wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

One of my very good friends has had cancer for nearly 11 years. I met him a year ago when I was at the hospital. We quickly became friends, and he told me his whole story. At just age 6, he was diagnosed with lung cancer, which he survived. After being clean for half a year, he got extremely bad and was rushed to hospital. He has stage 4 brain and blood cancer. Despite his illness, he is one of the bravest and most optimistic guy I’ve ever known. He knows he has a bright future, and he’s planned it all out already! He is a true idol, a true friend who helped me through everything.
My mom also had cancer as a child, and now she was diagnosed again. I want to raise awareness and help people who are suffering.