Name: Anna Havens
Age: 9
Dance Studio: Freehold Academy of Performing Arts, New Jersey
Why Anna wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

Hi! My name is Anna and I am 9 years old. Every year for my birthday I select a cause that I want to donate towards. This has grown each year and now I fundraiser for about month each year. Last year I held an Alex’s Lemonade Stand and raised over $2000. I was so moved by Alex’s story that I have continued to learn and spread awareness about childhood cancer with the help of my parents. I started a service club at my school and served as the president with the help of a teacher. We voted ok charities all year and learned that you can help on lots of ways, even if you can’t donate. I would love to be an ambassador and help speak for children fighting cancer. I realize how lucky am I and believe that we need to use our voices to speak for others.