Name: Angelina Banos
Age: 14
Dance Studio: Dancers Training Spot, Florida
Why Angelina wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

I am so incredibly moved by your cause. It brings tears to my eyes knowing that children are fighting for their lives with cancer in our world. I have several little children in my family and the thought of them being inflicted with this terrible disease would be unbearable. I also have had several people in my family die from cancer and know firsthand the pain and destruction that cancer creates in families. I would be so incredibly honored to help promote the cause of hope and finding a cure. Dance touches so many people and I feel that I would do a wonderful job representing and promoting the fight against childhood cancer. This is something that is so special to my heart. I would absolutely love to be a voice for these precious children and I pray that one day we will find a cure so that none of them will suffer ever again from this horrible disease.