Name: Alexa Fiorucci
Age: 15
Dance Studio: A Step Ahead Dance Center, Maryland
Why Alexa wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

When I saw the request for Ambassadors and the application, I immediately wanted to apply and find a way I can help be a voice for children fighting against cancer.

As a competitive dancer, this organization had a special call to me. I grew up with a passion and love for dance. Dance is a way I express my feelings and let go during all the hard times in life. I realized that my own struggles, aren’t as big as other people’s struggles. Especially, young people who are fighting against cancer. I want to be a voice for them. I want to raise awareness for young people who fight cancer everyday. I believe that, although there is no cure for all cancers, the greatest gifts to those who are in the fight, are to love, have passion, and be generous. I am be honored to be apart of this organization and I am willing to do what it takes to help this organization grow and raise awareness. I believe that it is important to be positive and find positivity in your life. Being an Ambassador will not only help cancer patients see the positivity in life, but it will also open my eyes to their struggle and inspire me to hep others to be positive.

As I write to you today, I have already became more aware about being a voice for children fighting cancer. I hope that this is going to be an amazing experience and I have opportunities to help others who are struggling. Life is full of challenges and obstacles. I want to help cancer patients stay positive and have strength when fighting cancer. Remember, the biggest cure for cancer, is love.