Name: Abigail Carter
Age: 15
Dance Studio: City Dance Conservatory, Maryland
Why Abigail wants to be a voice for children fighting cancer:

Cancer was always a background monster in my family. I’ve had three great aunts die from it in the past 8 years. (My grandmother was also diagnosed with cancer on September 1st of this year.) It wasn’t something I paid too much attention to until my friend, Maggie was diagnosed with Metastic Breast Cancer (stage 4, the kind that has no cure) when she was only 23 years old. Then, it was real. It was something that younger people could be faced with. I’ve been a part of Maggie’s fundraising galas for the past four years. She is knows as the Bald Ballerina on Instagram. Anything I can do to bring awareness to cancer, would make me feel like I’m hopefully making a difference, instead of feeling helpless on the sidelines.